Laura has lost everyone she loves and now she is about to lose her home; a steamboat called the Laura Rose. Her only hope is to become a licensed pilot; but as a woman living in 1863 that is easier said than done. Whitson has written a well-crafted novel with a strong female character that grows throughout the story and great supporting characters that grow along side her. Laura’s journey will take readers on both an emotional and a spiritual journey as they follow along as she looks to God for the first time. Whitson does an excellent job with incorporating spiritual themes and bible verses without getting too preachy which will make many topics for book groups to discuss. This story is mainly geared toward young women but older teens will find this book captivating as well. Parents be warned; mature themes are present but not graphically described. TLB

Clout: Discover and Unleash your God-given influence

Influence is not something that God blesses to only a few, it’s a gift he’s given to everyone. Sadly, most people chose to keep their influence locked up tight. By listening to God’s word and unleashing your God-given clout, you can change the world around you. Jenni Carton will transform how readers view both themselves and their influence on the world. Carton’s words are scripturally based and readers will relate to her powerful illustrations. By taking this book to heart readers will grow both personally and spiritually as they unleash their clout. Home group leaders will find this a great resource due to the discovery steps at the end of each chapter that offer probing questions that will help the readers understand what is inhabiting their clout and how to unleash it. Clout is a book that has something for everyone and should be on the shelf of every church library. TLB, Tatiana Bickler

When Mountains Move

Nightmares of the past haunt Millie, keeping her up at night and leaving her afraid of the future. Her past has not only left her hurting and scarred, but it’s now threatening her newlywed life. She deals with past identity issues, poor career-path choices, and even detrimental relationships, all having the potential to harm her marriage. Teen and adult women can learn a lot from Millie’s broken past and find strength in her healing. Cantrell does a good job with character development, although the plot is somewhat predictable. This book is set in the 1940s but makes little mention of World War II. Readers should be aware that there are mature themes but no graphic scenes. This book also includes a section in the back with discussion topics and writing prompts that make it a great choice for book clubs. TLB